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Spelling Training


A father created this site to help his daughter learn her weekly spelling words.

  • Add your own words or choose from a pre-existing list of spelling words.
  • With your spelling list, take an online spelling test, practice your words or play either Spelling Sharks or Spaceships and Words.
  •  The voice that “reads” the words is very clear and easy to understand.


How to Spell


A blog by Joanne, a lecturer and teacher-trainer in spelling, writing and English.  She is from the UK, so some words might have British spelling.

  • Over 80 spelling lessons, including the top ten spelling tips, spelling rules, homophones, commonly misspelled words, and British vs. American spelling; most lessons include a video and exercises.
  • Interactive spelling exercises, including misspelling words, the days of the week, and the months.
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets are also available.


homeschooling products

All About Spelling

prices vary; All About Learning Press

Spelling program designed to teach children about spelling,

  • There are seven spelling levels.
  • You can view and download spelling samples on their website (there are samples from each spelling level).


Educational Games

PBS kids


There are a variety of educational spelling games at  Some of these include:

  • Spelling with Caillou
  • Princess Presto’s Spelling Bee (Super Why)
  • Puppy Letters (with Clifford the Big Red Dog)
  • Dog’s Letter Pit (WordWorld)



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