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Science: Visual Encyclopedia of Science


isual Enyclopedia of Science

Visual Enyclopedia of Science


When this book first arrived in the mail a few years ago (I bought it used at, I was shocked at how small it was.  I was expecting a much larger, much more impressive encyclopedia for me to read to my five-year-old daughter (I was very ambitious when I first started homeschooling).  Instead, I received this six and a half inch book in the mail and it was smaller than my daughter’s barbie dolls.  Disappointed I shelved it away and went on to bigger and better books.

Luckily, my daughter did not share the same sentiment.  A few months into our homeschooling year, I found Alice tightly grasping this book and very intently, studying its pages.  Of course, she was too young to read the book, but that didn’t stop her.  Inside it’s pages were pictures of planets, flowers, animals, the earth, weather, and inventions (among other things).    And best of all, it fit nicely into her cute little hands.  It was neither too large nor too heavy.  It was the perfect size for our little girl.  Now that she’s reading on her own these books have taken on a completely different meaning to her.  Whereas before I had to sit down and read them to her, she can now read some of the passages by herself.  Although she still needs me to explain different scientific concepts to her, these explanations are becoming less and less frequent.  For now she’s been looking at this book for so many years, all of it’s great scientific information is finally taking hold.

What I’ve come to like best about these books (we have several Visual Encyclopedias by DK), is that the passages are concise and informative.  They contain easy to read summaries, relevant facts, and engaging illustrations, photographs, and charts.

Book Facts

  • Title:  Visual Encyclopedia of Science
  • Publisher:  DK Publishing
  • ISBN: 0756607000
  • Published: 2005
  • Number of Pages: 512
  • Topics Covered:  Chemistry, Physics, Earth, Weather, Space and The Living World (plants, animals, ecosystems etc.)
  • Recommended Age Group:  Preschool – 6th Grade
  • Printing Status: Out of Print
  • Price:  Buy it used for under $5 at or


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