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Don’t Miss the Inaugural National Math Festival

Posted by on Apr 6, 2015

  The inaugural National Math Festival will take place on Saturday April 18th on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and will include more than 70 events for all ages.  The festival is organized by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), Smithsonian Institution and the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).  This is the country’s first math festival and is free with learning events for every age, hands-on activities, demonstrations and lectures by top mathematicians. Attend a lecture by a top mathematician or programmer.  Participate in a math treasure hunt on the National Mall or play an interactive game-show in the Enid Haupt Garden and a chance to win cash.  Create Platonic geometric figures, go on a self-guided tour of the Solar System from the National Air and Space Museum to the Smithsonian Castle, explore interactive Discovery Stations at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and so much more! Highlights for the National Math Festival Include: “Knots and DNA” by Dr. Mariel Vazquez.  This lecture discuses “How Not to Be Wrong” by Dr. Jordan Ellenberg.  This lecture discuses how math touches everything we do including baseball, artificial languages, non-Euclidean geometry, the invention of calculus and more.  Smithsonian Ripley Center. “Early Math Learning with Technology:  Gracie & Friends Apps and Activities.”  Learn about this app used for subitizing and equipartitioning. Ages 2-7.   Smithsonian American History Museum.   “Cash Prizes for Everyone” take a chance all day long with this interactive game-show in the Smithsonain’s Haupt Garden.  Huge prizes offered to anyone that can “beat the house.”  Ages 14 and up.  10-4 pm. “Math Midway!” Presented by The National Museum of Mathematics consists of 20 interactive exhibits exploring shape, pattern, numbers and the world of math.  Come and see the Square-Wheeled Tricycle and Ring of Fire.  Smithsonian’s Haupt Garden. “Sort, Organize, Count, Categorize:  Collect!”  This hands on early childhood activity allows children to create and display their own collection drawing upon inspiration from the Smithsonian collections.  Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center.  Time: 10-2.  Ages 2-4. “Geometric Origami” is a building workshop presented by The Bridges Organization.  Learn about Platonic solids.  Make a mathematical origami octahedron and a dodecahedron.  All ages.  Smithsonian Ripley Center, Concourse. 10-4. “Math on the National Mall” A self guided tour.  Learn about math during this math treasure hunt!  Locate trapezoids, Mobius Strips, pyramids and more as you complete your search among the buildings, museums and art galleries along the National Mall.  Math map provided.  10-4 pm.  Meeting Place:  Smithsonian Ripley Center.  Ages 11 and up. Smithsonian’s Ripley Center (meeting place).  10-4. “Celebration of Mind: Mathematical Games, Magic and Puzzles”  Come out and cut, color, fold and glue mathematical illusions.  Explore hands-on puzzles with the Julia Robinson Math Festival.  All ages.  Smithsonian Ripley Center. 10-4. Learn about the fundamentals of Aerodynamics, decoding starlight, black holes, exoplanets and more at the interactive stations at the National Air and Space Museum.  Ages 8 and up. Watch a local team of experts build a hyperbolic star — a stellated icosahedron with embedded hyperbolic surfaces. Come listen to Stony Brook University math professor Dr. George Hart lecture about how “Math is Cool!”  Smithsonian Ripley Center Room 3037b.  3-3:45. For more information about the festival:  National Math...

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