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Benjamin Moore Aura and Behr Paint up to 80% Off…

Painting Interiors

Painting Interiors

How to Buy Luxury Benjamin Moore Aura & Behr Paint for a Fraction of the Retail Price

Benjamin Moore Aura

Benjamin Moore Aura “Horizon”


Easy Decorating:  Transforming a Room with Paint

One easy and inexpensive way to transform your surroundings is by painting them with stunning, beautiful color.  Painting is an easy, although time consuming, project that is well worth the effort.  If you can’t afford to hire someone else to do it for you, or alternatively, you enjoy painting and would rather spend your money elsewhere then please read on…

Painting can change a space quickly, however, purchasing the best quality paints can add up fast when you are on a decorating budget and need to transform many rooms.  Although I like to pick out my colors based on swatches and samples applied to the walls, sometimes I am willing to forgo this step when purchasing high quality paint for a fraction of the retail price.

A while back we bought a house we love that meets our family’s needs near perfectly, however, despite all its assets, it was a definite fixer-upper.  To say the least, when we closed on the house, every room needed a cleaning and paint overhaul, or some other project (Though we believe the house and it’s location are worth the sacrifice).  Shortly after moving in and addressing a few of our home’s biggest needs, I turned to painting.

Our Home Painting with Benjamin Moore © Paints

Our Home

Discovering  Discount Behr Paint 

During one of my frequent trips to the local hardware store I noticed a section in the painting area that sold discount pre-formulated paint.  The first time I found this was at a large local hardware store and noticed pre-mixed final-sale Behr Marquee paint for $9 a gallon.

This clearance paint section consists of gallons of paints in various colors that previous customers order and forgo purchasing.  I have to admit, the first time I stumbled upon this section, I briefly looked through it and didn’t find anything that fit what I was looking for.  There were bright oranges, blacks, deep browns and other exotic colors and definitely not what I had in mind.  However, once in a while a find could be found among the stacks of metal cans.

"Behr © Premium Plus Ultra"

“Behr © Premium Plus Ultra”

After rummaging through the multi can selection and asking for paint samples on card stock (the employee happily obliged), I found a gallon in a light pink for our daughter’s room and another in a pale yellow.  Though I hadn’t decided where to use the yellow, I knew I would eventually find a place for it.  It was a gamble, as I couldn’t return it, however at 80% off the retail price and with a large house and every room in need of paint, I figured I could find use for it somewhere.

One of my favorite books is “House Beautiful the Home Book:  Creating a Beautiful Home of Your Own by Carol Spier.”

"House Beautiful Book" by Carol Spier

“House Beautiful Book” by Carol Spier

This massive eye-candy-for-decorators book offers endless inspiration for creating flawless spaces and rooms.  It’s fun searching through the pages and looking at all the gorgeous decorations and impeccable homes (though of course it would be even better if the contents of the book were all within my price range and mine for the taking!).  It was here that I noticed the editors frequently decorated with Benjamin Moore.  Previously my experience with paint consisted of Restoration Hardware and other slightly less expensive and common ones found at the huge commercial hardware stores.  Figuring it was time to give something new a try, I headed to a paint and decorating store that stocked Benjamin Moore Paints and selected “Wickham Gray” for our family room.

Upgrading to Benjamin Moore High End Paint & Buying on Clearance

On my very first trip to the Benjamin Moore store they were running a promotion and offered the paint I was looking for on sale.  The promotion also included a free painter’s kit with a roller, paintbrush, drop cloth, painter’s tape, a can of semi-gloss for the trim and a few other small items.  It was during this trip that I inquired about discounted pre-mixed paint.  The employee explained that though they usually had some in stock, at the moment they were sold out because a contractor had purchased all of their available supply.  He mentioned to check back often as they almost always have some for purchase though he mentioned they did not last long and sold out quickly.  This store, and most other Benjamin Moore Paint stores, has a selection of paints that people have ordered and decided not to purchase.  In this section they have gallons and quarts of Aura, Regal, Ben and Me, Chalkboard Paint, exterior paints, stains and more.

Benjamin Moore © Aura

Benjamin Moore © Aura

The selection is, of course, completely random and you’ll never know what you will find, but that’s part of the fun.  If you have the money to always purchase what you like, fantastic, but if you don’t, this is a great way to pick up paints for projects at up to 80% off the retail price.  Sometimes contractors or individuals will order more than one gallon, allowing you the opportunity to purchase two or more gallons at the discount price (grant it, you can’t pick the color, but often you can find at least one shade that will work with your home’s needs).  Usually I only find one gallon in a shade I like, but sometimes I get lucky and find two — recently I picked up two gallons of Aura “Linen White” at $15 each, down from the original price of $72 for one gallon.  This was nearly an 80% price difference allowing me to spend the money on another house project.


Benjamin Moore © Chalkboard Paint on Clearance

Benjamin Moore © Chalkboard Paint on Clearance


On our second trip we found Chalkboard Paint to use on a few projects along with other useful selections and all purchased  from the clearance section for about 60%-80% off the retail price.  Most recently I selected “Wickham Gray” for our family room and though I paid full-price for this (Ben and Me), while at the store I noticed a gallon of Aura “Horizon Gray 1478” in the final sale section.


Benjamin Moore © Aura "Horizon Gray"

Benjamin Moore © Aura “Horizon Gray”


Since Aura is their highest quality paint and “Horizon Gray” is  a beautiful color, purchasing it for $15 from $72 was definitely exciting.  Among the gallons of clearance paint I spotted a few other Aura shades and settled on another in a light color and purchased it for the trim in our family room.  It lived up to its expectations.


Benjamin Moore Aura Paint 80% Off

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint 80% Off

Benjamin Moore sells high quality paint with Aura at the top of their interior paint line.  Some of Aura’s features include combined paint and primer in one, excellent coverage, low VOC and fumes, “Color-Lock Technology,” mildew resistant, and stains wash off easily.

Where to Find Benjamin Moore Paint up to 80% OFF

  • Locate your local paint store that carries Benjamin Moore Paint at Store Locator 
  • Call or inquire in person regarding pre-mixed paint that other customers have ordered and chosen not to buy and are available for purchase at a substantial discount.
  • Select carefully as these products are final sale and cannot be returned and are non-refundable.
  • Discount and selection vary by store — I have found the following Benjamin Moore Paints on clearance:  Aura Interior and Exterior, Ben and Me, Natura, Regal, Chalkboard, Waterborne Ceiling and more.
  • Check back often for best selections.

Locating Behr Pre-Made Paint up to 80% off:

  • Home Depot sells Behr paints and has a section with pre-mixed colors including any of the following (depending on what they happened to have the day you visit):  Behr Marquee, Behr Ultra, Behr Premium Plus, wood stains and more.
  • To locate a Home Depot Store near you visit Store Locator.

Additional Painting Tips:

  • Choose the best quality paint you can afford.  Not all paint is created equal.  Avoid cheap paint at all costs.  In the long run, it will only frustrate you as your project will take longer with the need for additional coats of paint or won’t wear well and will need to be touched up or repainted sooner.
  • When choosing a paint color, first decide what the purpose and size of the room is — smaller spaces can usually get away with bright, bold colors (i.e. — an entry hallway) — but you may want to tone it down for those rooms like living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms where you will be spending a lot of time.  Also remember, dark colors will make a room appear smaller and a lighter color bigger, so if you wish your room to appear larger, go with a light color.  How much light does this room have?
  • Consider the other colors that will be in the room — what color is the floor, window treatments and furniture that will occupy the space?  Be sure to pick a color that will compliment and not clash with these things.
  • Always paint large patches of sample colors on the wall and let them sit for at least 24 hours.  Look at them at different times of day and decide what you like best.

How to Prepare Your Room For Painting

  • Preparation is the sine qua none of painting.  Remove what you can from the room, and cover everything else with drop cloths.  You can get inexpensive ones made of plastic or butcher style paper or traditional cloth ones.  Whatever you choose, just make sure everything you like is tucked away and safe.
  • Prep your walls by wiping down your walls with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and dust.  Remove switch plates and outlet covers and place them in ziplock bags.  Remove nails, curtain rods or any other object attached to the walls.  Spackle and sand all holes.  Sand and wipe down any surface ares that are not smooth.
  • Avoid dripping paint that will inevitably mess up your walls, end up on you, or your floor.  Easy tip:  Take a large rubber band and wrap it around the paint can so it cuts across the top.  Use it to rid your brush of excess paint before applying to the walls.
  • Tape off the floor, molding and ceiling. Painters tape is best as it won’t leave marks and is easily removable.
  • Prime your walls if a darker color is already present.
  • Paint large Vs and or Ws and fill in the space inside the letter without lifting your brush in vertical paint strokes.
  • Allow your paint to completely dry before giving it a second coat.
Benjamin Moore © Aura Paint

Benjamin Moore © Aura Paint

Paint Calculator

Benjamin Moore offers this great tool for estimating how many gallons of paint you will approximately need for a room: The Benjamin Moore Paint Calculator. 

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